‘Life is better when you’re connected’

Cornerstone are passionate about creating buildings that allow individuals to create meaningful connections with their neighbours. We describe it as building community. We feel that our buildings should facilitate our residents to interact with each other and be connected to their street and wider neighbourhood.

Our commitment is built on our partnership with Apartment Life who have supported in developing our CommunityLife programme that places community coordinators in our developments.

This programme is recognised as Apartment Life’s first move into Europe, with Belfast being the first city. Cornerstone have received the official Apartment Life training and have access to their resources and a wealth of community building experience.

Apartment Life have a great track record having already delivered this programme in 1.3 million housing units to 3 million residents right across North America. 

“I am excited about the Cornerstone development in Belfast and the plan to integrate Apartment Life as service to residents and community impact strategy. Many lives will be impacted. Cornerstone has been an excellent partner.”

Pete Kelly, Apartment Life CEO

The aims of CommunityLife

  • 1. Real Community in our Developments:

    It is Cornerstone’s ambition to have CommunityLife Coordinators in all its developments – These individuals will act as a welcoming presence, community coordinators and pastoral care for the residents within the development.

  • 2. Real Connections with the local community:

    The CommunityLife Coordinators will be drawn from the local community and will have excellent local connections to ensure that the residents are effectively immersed in the local community – we will encourage residents to bring real value to their new community through participating in civic activities and volunteering.

  • 3. Cornerstone to Champion Apartment Life in the UK and Europe:

    By doing CommunityLife Cornerstone will shine a light on Apartment Life and build awareness of who Apartment Life is in Ireland, the UK and Europe.

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