Peace Wall

West Belfast

Despite the peace and prosperity that followed the signing of the Good Friday Agreement in 1998 there are still physical reminders of Northern Ireland’s troubled past dotted around.

Some of the most stark examples of this are the ‘Peace Walls’ that weave their way through Belfast. These physical barriers can be up to six metres in height and were designed to protect the communities either side of them.

Cornerstone is excited about embarking on an ambitious project right on the ‘Peace Wall’ in West Belfast. It is Cornerstone’s vision to have entrances leading on to both sides of the ‘Peace Wall’ acting a bridge between the two communities. Not only would this project bring over 50 high quality housing units to the area, it would be a living, breathing example of what Belfast could become.

Cornerstone are a purpose-driven business that seeks opportunities to transform its city by developing property and building community. It does this alongside its investors by giving them great returns and an opportunity to partner in its mission. What Cornerstone is doing is pioneering, it has not been done before in our country and we need support to claim this ground.


Cornerstone is a purpose-driven business that seeks opportunities to transform cities by developing property and building thriving communities.

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