Diversity is strength: Intergenerational Living

Diversity is strength: Intergenerational Living

Monday, 29 June 2020

Cornerstone has a passion for putting real relationships at the heart of its developments. It uses the  phrase “life is better when you're together” to summarise its belief that a life well-lived is one that involves multiple social interactions.

At a basic level that means people connecting with other people, but it’s more than that. It is about bringing together different people and bridging gaps between groups.

There is strength in diversity, by forming relationships between age ranges and social groups individuals get a better perspective of what is important.

This short video shows how intergenerational living is taking place in the Netherlands with great success, it was something that got us thinking. 

Cornerstone are interested in exploring what it would look like to intentionally set up an intergenerational community by partnering with a social housing provider or charity. Residents would be free to come and go as they please but over the course of the month there would be opportunities to get to know their neighbours.

The older residents would benefit from the energy and life that the younger residents would bring. The younger residents would benefit from the sense of community, purpose and perspective that living alongside older residents would bring. In the urban planning classic by Jane Jacobs she talks about the benefits of having different generations circulating at different times of the day. Whilst we know this wouldn't be for everyone we are confident that purpose driven buyers and renters that they would see the benefit of being part of a thriving intergenerational community.

Cornerstone don’t have the solution but are interested in exploring what a new way to do developer-led intergenerational living could look like.

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