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Bringing Light to Dark Corners

The story begins with the Belfast success story, business is booming, things are changing…

  • Belfast is one of the youngest cities in Europe – young people up to the age of 21, make up nearly 1/3 of the population.
  • In 2015 Belfast experienced the strongest growth GVA per head of any UK city which increased by 4.7 percent.
  • Belfast’s tourism industry continues to grow along with the amount of business visitors per year.
  • Outside London, Northern Ireland is the leading UK region for attracting inward investment.
(The Belfast Agenda – Belfast City Council – Sept 2018)

However there is a problem, it’s a tale of two cities….

There are many areas surrounding the city centre that are amongst the most deprived in all of Northern Ireland.
  • Whilst Belfast has progressed dramatically in the past 20 years yet pockets of the city still remain impacted by a legacy of conflict resulting in a major lack of investment.
  • The areas in grey fall within the top 10% most deprived wards (or areas) in Northern Ireland.
  • Given their proximity to the jobs, infrastructure and opportunities that the city centre brings this should not be the case
‘Cornerstone works to rewrite the Belfast story not erase it’

The problems these areas face today are a legacy of its recent history…

Inner city Belfast suffered two major blows:
  • 1. The loss of heavy industry and deindustrialization (10% Reduction each decade between 1950 & 1990)
  • 2. The ‘Troubles’ had a profound impact on these areas due to their proximity to the city centre and interface areas
This led to rapid population decline – Amongst the highest in Europe at the time (Belfast City Report, Jorg Ploger, 2007)
  • This created a cycle of deprivation
  • Deprivation is a systemic issue – it’s all interconnected
  • Lack of hope = Lack of Investment
  • Lack of hope = Things aren’t going to improve

The Solution: Cornerstone’s Vision

Cornerstone’s vision is to bring hope to inner city Belfast through regeneration Building on Cornerstone’s Foundations of Beautiful Spaces, Healthy Buildings & Vibrant Communities.
‘Bringing light to dark corners’

By working with the communities cornerstone wants the legacy of each project to be that the local community will feel safer, be prouder, more healthy and better connected than before.

Cornerstone defines impact as ‘the difference we make’ and has built its social impact strategy around the four key themes below


Cornerstone’s passion for regeneration started here…

  • Regeneration scheme of an historic building to 8 apartments
  • Restoring a central part of the neighbourhood
  • Increasing neighbourhood kerb appeal
  • Attracting new buyers into the area
  • Increasing property value in the area

Past Regeneration development success…

    • All sold off plan with a waiting list for future developments
    • Investors received anticipated returns
    • Significant increase in community wellbeing reported by residents, community organisations & elected representatives

    It is clear that there is a need for regeneration in areas across Belfast

    Our solution creates an opportunity for investors to get good returns and create significant social impact.

    • Investing in Belfast’s future – impact investment
    • Clearly demonstrated social impact in Belfast with a regeneration focus – ‘bringing light to dark corners’
    • Become part of a community with a passion for regeneration – events, briefings, social media and updates on progress
    • Investors to provide Cornerstone with the finance needed to secure and complete phase 1 of their regeneration plan for Belfast

    An Opportunity to Invest in Belfast’s Future with Cornerstone

    Cornerstone has the track record and ability to create high quality buildings that meet the needs of the local market
    Cornerstone can do this profitably delivering healthy margins
    Cornerstone regeneration projects create positive social impact which will be measured throughout the project using its social impact scorecard
    Cornerstone is offering an opportunity to partner in regenerating Belfast and receiving above market returns
    Cornerstone recognises that investment goes beyond a financial transaction and wants to build a community of like-minded investors and partners

    Social impact approach

    Cornerstone uses the criteria below to identify whether a project could be considered.


    The development must be profitable, capable of generating a commercial profit margin.


    The development to be in a ward (or within 100m) that falls within the 10% most deprived wards in NI (NIMDM 2017)


    The development to be within walking distance to Belfast's city centre and have great public transport connections so residents can easily access the jobs and cultural benefits that the city centre has on offer.


    The development to be of strategic importance to the community – this could be the redevelopment of a local landmark, the removal of a building with a negative history or a prominent site.

    The Team

    Property Development Expertise

    • Managing Director:
      Daniel Jackson
    • Project Coordinator / Designer:
      Lauren Jackson

    Core Team Members with Cornerstone NI

    • Project Manager:
      Oliver Morton
    • Impact Investment Director:

      Andrew Wallace

    As part of Cornerstone’s property development model leading professional advisors and delivery partners are pulled in to deliver their area of specialism, with Johnston Houston Quantity Surveyors, RPP Architects, Turley Planning Associates, CPS Estate Agents, TLT Solicitors and Maneely McCann Chartered Accountants acting as extended members of our team.

    Daniel Jackson

    Oliver Morton

    Lauren Jackson

    Andrew Wallace

    Do you want to invest in Belfast's future?

    We would love to speak with individuals and organisations that share our passion for regeneration in Belfast that are interested in hearing more. For detailed information on our projects, investment details and a chance to hear our passion please get in touch…

    Cornerstone is a purpose-driven business that seeks opportunities to transform cities by developing property and building thriving communities.

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